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Purefoods Ham Delights Now Open for Business

San Miguel Pure Foods Company offers yet another reasonable investment for your consideration: operate your own Purefoods Ham Delights outlet!

With a pilot stall now operational at the SMC Head Office Complex, Purefoods Ham Delights serves up Purefoods Fiesta Ham Sandwiches at very affordable prices. Want it Oriental? Try The Asiana - a delicious serving of Fiesta Ham slices that comes with lettuce, sesame mayo, cucumber, mango slices and jicama strips. A taste for Mexican fare? Try The Border Express which is Fiesta Ham served with lettuce, mayo, salsa and cheese sauce. Hawaiian style? Try The Aloha which is Fiesta Ham served with teriyaki sauce and pineapple wedges). Want everything on it? Then try The Works! It's Fiesta Ham served with lettuce, mayo, mustard, cheese sauce, tomato, onion, bell pepper, pickles and black olives. Also available is the HLT or the favorite ham, lettuce and tomato or discover other sandwich preparations that will suite your mood, taste and style. All sandwiches are served on regular (plain) or whole wheat pandesal.

Interested? Simply text "How to have PF Ham Delights stand" to 0917-8983943 for information.


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