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Tips to Avoid a Culinary Crisis during a Pandemic

In the face of all these uncertainties, operating a food business may not be the easiest task. With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping crisis around the globe, customers are confined at home, resulting in a large loss of foot traffic and potential revenue. Truly savvy entrepreneurs, however, will not just accept defeat and take things in stride—rather, they will see this as an opportunity to adapt to changing circumstances and connect with their consumer base.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and the willingness to adapt, you and your business can weather the storm. Here are a few tips to keep your food business pandemic-proof.

Streamline your menu.
In the face of a global crisis, it may not be the best decision economically speaking to debut your avant-garde foie gras flambé. For now, carefully curate your food offerings and leverage on your best-sellers. This also allows you to streamline your inventory and do away with food ingredients that expire easily. Pro-tip: Classic comfort food staples like mac and cheese, savory rice toppings, and meaty sandwiches will always be a hit during these anxiety-ridden times.

Bank on delivery.
Tips to Avoid a Culinary Crisis during a Pandemic
Even more so now in the age of quarantine, convenience is king. Thankfully, you can now reconnect with customers who are at home with your best selling dishes! Lack the means to employ delivery staff? Don’t fret—consider partnering up withfood delivery serviceslike GrabFood, LalaFood, Foodpanda, or Angkas Delivery. Social media can also be a great channel for selling and connecting with your customers!

Make use of your current stocks.
Worried about your high inventory of ingredients going to waste? Don’t fret. Consider offering your staple dishes on a prepare-at-home basis. Equipped with fresh quality ingredients and easy-to-prepare instructions, your customers wouldn’t mind a little DIY. Take a cue from cult-favorite ramen hauntMendokoro Ramenba, who now offers “take-home ramen kits” via delivery, and fast-food giantJollibee, who has begun selling frozen ready-to-cook packs of their bestselling Chickenjoy and tuna pies!

Practice proper food safety.
Tips to Avoid a Culinary Crisis during a Pandemic
More than ever, now is the time to be extra thorough in keeping food items safe-to-eat. TheCenter for Disease Controlespouses its four steps to food safety: clean hands and surfaces, separate raw ingredients, cook at the right temperature, and chill promptly. Likewise, theFood and Drug Administrationrecommends wearing gloves when handling food and frequently sanitizing kitchen equipment.

As you strive to keep your food business thriving through these trying times, consider a partner who will always have your back. Great Food Solutions, the food service arm of San Miguel Foods, carries a wide variety of wholesale food-safe products. Our plants adhere to stringent safety standards so you can be assured of quality products every time. Contact Great Food Solutions through (02) 8632-2000 or visitgreatfoodsolutions.comfor more information.


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