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Food Futures: Industry Insights that will Shape the Future of Dining

Serve up the best eats in your restaurant and keep up with the next wave of food trends with these insider tips. Here are some suggestions to help you stay on top of the food and dining scene:
Food Futures

Introducing Mystery Flavors
Food Futures

Something that we’ve been seeing more of is the mystery flavor: offerings that don’t immediately reveal a new product’s taste profile, essentially making the dish a surprise.

Mystery flavors allow for less conventional seasonings on staple menu items– flavored glazes on your fried chicken, powdered spices for finger food, and even desserts. First seen in consumer items such as the Girl Scout Cookie-flavored coffees ofDunkin' Donuts, mystery flavors started out as guessing games for consumers to identify what it was they were tasting. This adds a must-experience element to the dish if they want to join in on the conversation.

Curried fries, secret sauce wraps, spice blend dips on the side? Even desserts and drinks can all be given the mystery flavor treatment– adding an adventurous side to experience with your regular menu items.

Compiling Terrific Textures
Food Futures

A focus on food texture could also spell the difference between just being a usual meal, and an unbelievable i-have-to-post-about-this moment. Historically, the use of the adjective "crispy" for any dish on a menu, is something that gets restaurant-goers ordering.

This year, the trends we’re seeing take on texture as a layered aspect of food. For example, crispy toppings on a chewy base with a creamy filling can create a “multi-sensory” experience– proof of concept as seen with Xiao Long Bao, soup-filled dumplings that became a global hit.

A similar framework in developing recipes that demonstrate layered textures can prove exciting for your diners. Deep fried croquettes with gooey cheese, a smooth slice of avocado or a crumble of bacon to transform any soup, or chewy gelatin bits for a drink or dessert– a pleasantly surprising mouthfeel could be a gamechanger.

Switching to Plant-Based Ingredients
Food Futures

We're seeing more usage of meat and dairy substitutes like cashews, almonds, and chickpeas, and mainstream acceptance of faux-meat dishes likeBurger King's Impossible Whopper(made with no meat!). Add a vegetarian or vegan option for some items on your menu this year.

Fried tofu skins make for good dipping; chickpeas or mushrooms can be substituted for ground meat easily, and most texturized vegetable proteins behave like their meat counterparts in a pinch. This will help keep your restaurant in the where-are-we going-to-eat conversation, especially for those with healthy eating resolutions for 2020.

Design Mood-Enhancing Dishes
Food Futures

It’s second nature to consider taste, texture, and ingredients in building a recipe, but we’re seeing a trend for growing attention towards determining the resulting mood, post-consumption of a dish.

Functional ingredients add a dimension of wellness to your menu– sprinkle maca powder on a latte, or mix it in with baking batter, to up theadaptogencontent on your merienda menu. Change up your dishes by replacing rice with quinoa; the increased magnesium content in this superfood can help stabilize mood and even lower blood pressure. Pick-me-up menu items infused with ginseng and othes spices, as well as infusions of lavender, valerian root, or CBD for relaxation? Sounds like a good mood.

Enter the Ghost Kitchen
Food Futures

Finally, we’d like to introduce theGhost Kitchen, a delivery-only restaurant. As more options like GrabFood, LaLaFood, and Foodpanda make ordering food easier, food delivery as a consumer behavior becomes an opportunity to grow your business. Instead of scouting for new locations to put up a new branch of your restaurant, consider looking for a place to put just a kitchen in a strategic delivery hub. Delivery-only democratizes the battle for location, parking, and restaurant ambience, bringing the focus to the best dishes that satisfy couch potato cravings.

Whether you're developing a mystery flavor, creating a vegetarian or vegan menu, or looking for a supplier for your new ghost kitchen, it’s important to ensure you use the best quality ingredients. Great Food Solutions (GFS), the food service arm of San Miguel Foods, supplies wholesale food products and offers nationwide delivery, rain or shine. Call (02) 8632-2000 or visithttp://greatfoodsolutions.comfor more information.


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