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Serving Comfort Combos For The Weather

Rainy days make customers crave for all sorts of comfort food. They will want soups, savory dishes, and desserts. Take advantage of this by creating combos that will have them raving on social media. The goal is to give your customers a memorable dining experience that they will love to have on any rainy day.

Get inspired by these combinations we put together for you:

Almondigas Soup with Chef's Selection Meatballs

The Soup Combo
You can’t go wrong with offering a classic favorite like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Experiment with different cheeses for a more complex flavor, and serve it toasted to add contrasting textures. Other classic combos you can try are mushroom soup and garlic bread, and Almondigas soup andFiesta ham& cheese sandwich.

The Merienda Combo
If your hot tsokolate becomes a menu favorite during rainy days, offer it with a local dessert like suman or ensaymada topped withbacon. You can also pair bibingka with pandan tea, apple pie with hot coffee.

The Hungry Combo
After braving the rain, your customers will be hungrier than usual. Create a filling and comforting platter of different delicious dishes. This way, they get to sample the comfort food options in your menu. Get ideas from Chinese lauriat meals or Japanese bento meals that perfectly combine dishes like stir-fried noodles, Chicken karaage, breaded pork, and steamed vegetables.

Chef's Selection Chicken Karaage

Thinking about what you can serve to bring customers into your restaurant? Scan your menu for possible offerings and create combos for all sorts of cravings.

Ensure you have all the products you need for that wide selection of comfort food. Partner with a food supplier that is committed to providing quality products to help you make your meals delightful even during the rainy days.Great Food Solutions (GFS), the foodservice arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, supplies wholesale food products and offer nationwide delivery, rain or shine. Call(02) 8632-2000or visit for more information.


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