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How To Weather The Rainy Season

Bright business tips for the gloomy weather

Weather may not be the biggest factor in customer satisfaction but it still creates new challenges. In one study, researchers at Ohio University found thatcustomers were nearly three times more likely to leave bad comments during rainy days: with restaurant patrons in bad moods due to the inclement weather, their reviews tended downwards as a result. Here are tips to help you make it through the rain:

1. Research and Plan.
Check weather forecasts to anticipate logistical issues such as leaks and slippery floors. To ensure your restaurant becomes the refuge your customers need from the storm, your space must be clean and comfortable. A muddy floor, the absence of umbrella stands, or simply being ignored as soon as they enter your restaurant can put them in a foul mood. Be more accommodating to their needs by serving a hot drink on the house or simply have them choose a table they’re most comfortable in.

2. Serve comfort dishes.
The rainy season may be a nuisance but it presents plenty of opportunities. Capitalize on this by highlighting in your menu comfort dishes that are warm and soothing to the body.

Rainy weather favorites areArroz Caldo, Chicken Sopas, Champorado. You can take it up a notch and add Ramen, Laksa, and Pho for an international flair.

This kind of approach will be easier if you have a food products supplier that adjusts to your needs and accommodate your demands.

3. Strategize staffing.
Make sure your staff is in good spirits so they can serve your customers patiently and enthusiastically. If your staff is happy, even the crankiest of customers can feel it. Give them incentives if they get positive feedback. You can also provide them restaurant branded rain gear they can use to keep dry. Boosting their morale increases your chances of delivering good customer experience.

4. Get a fail-safe supplier.
During this season, immune systems are weaker, food spoils faster, and the humidity attracts more disease-causing bacteria. Monitor your food in all stages of preparation. Get a food distributor that passes food safety and quality standards. The last thing you want is a case of food poisoning.

You need a supplier that is as committed as you are in protecting the health of your customers and the integrity of your business. Great Food Solutions has ServSafe certified food experts who adhere to international food safety standards, ensuring that the products they serve have passed strict quality control.

There’s no competitive edge like a supplier that weathers the weather with you.Great Food Solutions (GFS), the food services arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, is the partner you can rely on to help you plan and stay afloat during the rainy days. For a reliable supply of quality products for your restaurant, contact GFS through(02) 8632-2000or visit for more information.


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