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Coming Up with Your Next Big Hit

Boost food business with creativity and innovation.

Two factors of a successful food business are consistency and innovation. Consistency means sticking to tried-and-tested processes and serving the quality of food that customers have come to expect. Innovation, on the other hand, entails sharpness and creativity to continuously excite diners. Staying consistent is fairly straightforward: As long as there is a system in place and staff are properly trained, a food business should be able to serve the same quality of food. But innovation can be a bit more challenging—coming up with fresh ideas means tossing out the rule book and thinking outside the box.

Planning to shake things up at your restaurant? You can start by innovating your menu. Be guided by the following tips:

Add healthy dishes.A 2017 study published in the Philippine Journal of Science notes thatFilipinos are becoming more aware of healthy meals. You don’t have to look further for proof than the many trendy diets cropping up locally, from clean eating to veganism to high-protein/low-carb diets. Your business doesn’t have to go complete vegan to keep up with the times; instead, you can just add a few healthy options in your menu. Go beyond salads and think filling vegetable “poke” bowls, flavorful baked chicken breasts, and pan-seared fish with grilled veggies—healthy dishes that are tasty and filling.

Coming Up with Your Next Big Hit

Introduce new twists on old favorites.Another way to innovate your menu is to explore new flavors for your old standbys. For instance, if you have pan-seared pork chops, introduce a new flavor profile, like a sweet and smoky grilled version or a breaded version inspired by the lingering katsu trend. For added convenience, look for a food supplier that offers pre-breaded, pre-marinated and pre-seasoned meats to help you minimize preparation time.

Use LTOs to stay relevant.Limited-time offers (LTOs)are an effective way to keep customers’ interest. Offer seasonal menu items or trendy dishes while they’re hot—many restaurants, for example, are riding the mango float trend by offering their own take on this current crowd pleaser. Take a look at your menu and consider if there’s anything you can play around with to keep up with trends. Ask for customer’s feedback, or run a poll on social media to know what your diners have to say. Who knows? That LTO might even become a beloved mainstay!

Coming Up with Your Next Big Hit

Look for opportunities to collaborate.Consider collaborating with brands, groups, or individuals who can help generate buzz about your food business. Try to come up with a special menu with a known chef, host a pop-up event with a popular blogger, or co-brand using a popular brand’s product as a key ingredient in a new menu item.

Spicing up what your restaurant has to offer can keep customers coming back for more. It may be tedious at first but constantly innovating is the key to longevity. You can make the process easier for your business by working with a food supplier that offers a wide selection of ingredients you can use for your next big hit.

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