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Dessert Trend Forecast for 2019

There’s an exciting year ahead in the sweets scene!

Filipinos undoubtedly love their desserts so sweetening up your dessert menu or introducing new food concepts is sure to tickle their taste buds.The year 2018 saw the rise of tin can cakes and artisanal doughnuts. What’s in store for 2019? Below are the emerging trends that may inspire your next big idea:

French desserts. According to Big Hospitality UK, a resource for the restaurant and hospitality industry, French desserts will become more in demand as there is a movement back towards a la carte dining. They cite artfully made tarts and cakes, in particular, as the desserts to keep an eye out for, with chefs producing delectable items like a brown butter tart and a crunchy coolant caramel entremets (originally an elaborate dish common in high society in Europe in the Middle Ages).

Healthier desserts. Right on track with the movement towards healthy eating (remember last year’s kombucha craze?) comes some experimentation with healthier desserts. While it seems like an oxymoron, healthy desserts offer the sugary notes fitness buffs crave without the added guilt. Chefs are now experimenting with vegan desserts that are made without milk or eggs while sugar-free desserts (another oxymoron) made with natural sweeteners continue to be popular.

Mini pastries. In keeping with thehealthy dessert theme, mini pastries may become more popular as they allow people to indulge their sweet tooth without the guilt. Make sure to infuse these mini treats with plenty of flavor to make the cheat day worth it!

More texture and color. Food businesses have strived to make their establishments as well as their food more photogenic, giving consumers something for their Instagram feeds. But beyond color and taste, the market is now looking for a more complete sensory experience. Pay extra attention to aromas and textures.

Fruity chocolate. Gone are the days of just dark, milk, and white chocolate. French premium chocolate maker Valrhona introduced its Inspiration line, which is made with ingredients like passion fruit and strawberry but with the texture of chocolate. European cocoa producer Barry Callebaut, meanwhile, introduced “ruby chocolate” (really more of a millennial pink) made from the red ruby bean.

Global flavors. We’re constantly looking for inspiration from other cuisines. The Culinary Visions Panel, a food-focused research body, forecasts that Latin America, Asia (particularly Korea and the Philippines), and the Mediterranean will be the next frontier when it comes to cuisine. Look to these regions for some sweet culinary inspiration.

Introducing new dessert items to your menu means you’ll need a reliable source of kitchen supplies and food supplies such as baking ingredients. If you’re in need of a restaurant supplier, contactGreat Food Solutions (GFS), the foodservice arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, for your flour, dairy, and other dessert needs through(02) 8632-2000or visit for more information.




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