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Lessons from a Logistical Nightmare

One company lost millions after a logistics debacle. Here’s what you can learn from it.

Recently, a fried chicken chain in the UK made the news after it was forced to close hundreds of stores as it struggled with an operational issue. The problem? A shortage of chicken. This came at the heels of the company’s transition to a different third-party logistics provider. The company ended up losing millions in revenue before ultimately re-contracting their previous delivery partner to handle distribution for 350 of its 900 outlets.

While not every business is as massive as this chain, every restaurant still has to deal with itsown set of logistical problems. Here’s what you can learn from this chicken crisis.

1. Transition slowly.The chain came under fire for shifting to a new untested partner all at once, instead of gradually changing the service provider across its hundreds of outlets. If your business is thinking of switching to a new partner or overhauling a system, it may be better to ease into it. 

2. Have a contingency plan. Have a back-up in case things do not go as planned, especially if any glitches are likely to affect your business significantly.

3. Make sure it’s a good fit.One service provider may be cheaper than another, but penny-pinching may come at a cost. While the chicken chain’s new partner was in no way a new player in the industry, they had one warehouse versus the previous provider’s six. When choosing a service provider, make sure they can meet your needs and understand the ins and outs of your business. Areliable restaurant supplierthat has a proven track record and would do well to earn your trust.

With its vast experience in the food industry and efficient nationwide distribution network, Great Food Solutions (GFS), the foodservice arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, guarantees you fast, efficient, and reliable service anywhere in the country. Prevent a debacle like the chicken chain crisis and ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently within your business by partnering up with GFS. Contact(02) 8632-2000or visit for more information.


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