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Out in the Open: How Open Kitchens Can Be Good for Your Business

Withopen kitchens, restaurants are letting customers in on the magic behind their meals. But restaurants must adhere to the highest standards of hygiene to ensure that they don’t have any dirty little secrets.

The open kitchen has been around for years now, but the trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It has taken on other forms, from small kitchens surrounded by counters at intimate ramen places, to a “Pizza Theater” in every newly renovated U.S. branch of a popular pizza chain, to more architectural showcase kitchens with beautifully designed equipment.

Food Amusement

On the business side, open kitchens can generate more sales as diners crave additional dishes that they see being prepared in front of them. Open kitchens also lead to a more satisfying experience for both customer and chef:Researches at Harvard Business Schoolfound that customers have a greater appreciation for their food after seeing the effort that goes into them, while employees feel more appreciated and perform their jobs better.

Here are some of the ways how open kitchen is good for your restaurant business.

Reality Kitchen

The appeal for customers lies partly in the open kitchen’s entertainment value. It’s the live theater version of reality shows featuring chefs in action. It brings excitement in the form of an open flame, ingredients expertly chopped at high speed, and dishes artfully plated. It alsooffers a sensory experiencethat lets diners feast with their noses (the scent of sautéed garlic), ears (the sound of a sizzling griddle), and eyes (the sight of a steak being seared) long before their orders are set down in front of them.


One of the greatest draws of the open kitchen? Transparency. What used to happen behind the scenes is now center stage. Diners are assured that the restaurant has nothing to hide, as they can see the process, tools, and environment right in front of them. They can rest easy when they observe that the kitchen staff takes great care when handling their orders.

Here why open kitchens are good for your restaurant business.

But this draw can be a drawback if the kitchen is unhygienic and the staff doesn’t properly handle food. If you’re considering an open kitchen for your restaurant, Great Food Solutions (GFS), the foodservice arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, can help. GFS’s professionally certified foodservice representatives can conduct food safety training and food handling seminars to ensure that your kitchen staff adheres to industry standards.

More than being a food supplier and restaurant supplier, GFS can be your partner in ensuring you gain customers’ trust. Contact GFS through(02) 8632-2000or visitgreatfoodsolutions.comfor more information.


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