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3 Simple Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Brand

These days, there’s no denying thatsocial media marketingis a key component of a restaurant’s marketing strategy. Here’s how to use online channels to create buzz for your brand.

Build your social media presence.Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat…it all can get overwhelming. But if you must choose one, go for Instagram. It’sa visual platform that seems tailor-made for food porn. Running out of ideas for posts? Aside from posting food, you can also share photos of celebrity guests and IG-worthy spots in your restaurant. No time? Be clear about your brand identity and leave the day-to-day management to a pro.  

Tap into the power of UGC.User-generated content (UGC)can help you spread the word at little to no cost. Often, a particularly pretty dish or a photogenic background can be enough to encourage them to post. You can also hold a contest where diners can snap and share your dishes, with gift certificates as a prize. (Hashtags are a must.)

Reach out through email.With Instagram and Facebook constantly tweaking their algorithm, your customer reach might be affected. One way to get in touch with them? Email marketing. Have a “fishbowl raffle” where guests can drop their business cards (or a piece of paper they can fill out with their email address and birthday) and generate an email list from there. It’s a way for you to tell previous customers about new promos. You can even email them on their birthday to offer a discount.

Food apps helps in social media marketing for restaurants.

Social media is just one facet of an overall marketing plan for your business. Great Food Solutions (GFS), the food service arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, can provide marketing support to help you meet your business needs. GFS has access to a corporate research network and an extensive knowledge of the Philippine food service industry, enabling them to provide clients with relevant information on consumer insights and the latest trends. Contact GFS through(02) 8632-2000or visitgreatfoodsolutions.comfor more information.


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