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The Next Big Thing: 6 Food Trends for 2018

Want to give your menu an update? These are some of the hottest food trends of the year, according to experts.

These days, customers have more adventurous palettes and are constantly looking for something new, so it pays to make a few tweaks to your menu. TheU.S. National Restaurant Associationsurveyed 700 professional chefs, all members of the American Culinary Foundation, to find out which food trends are on the rise in 2018. These are six of the top trends out of 161 cited by the chefs:

1 New cuts of meat.The number one trend on the list is new cuts of meat. Experiment with such cuts as shoulder tender, oyster steak, and Merlot cut. This trend goes hand in hand with food waste reduction, a big concept trend for the year.

2 Street food-inspired dishes.Look to food carts and kiosks for inspiration. Consider addingreimagined versions of our local fishballs and kikiamto your current selection of appetizers, or an updated ice scramble to your refreshments list. 

Street food is one of the top trends in 2018.


3 Healthful kids’ meals.Millennial moms are becoming savvier when it comes to their kids’ diets, so give them balanced options aside from the usual chicken fingers and fries. Sandwiches made with multi-grain bread, pizza topped with roasted vegetables, and baked (instead of deep fried) items are a good place to start.

4 Authentic ethnic cuisine.Instagram’s constant stream of food from exotic localeshas turned the average user into an epicure. South American cuisine may be worth exploring.

5 Donuts with non-traditional fillings.Cap off your customers’ meal with a sophisticated take on this classic sweet treat. Liqueur and Early Grey cream are two unusual infusions mentioned by the National Restaurant Association.

 Check out this donut with a non-traditional filling. It's one of the latest food trends this 2018.

6 Chef-driven fast casual concepts.This hybrid features a menu board and no table service, but higher-quality food than those found at regular fast-food chains. For 2018, trained chefs are switching from fine dining to more accessible fare, appealing to customers who are looking for a pleasant sit-down experience without the intimidating price.  

Need help figuring out how to incorporate a trend or two into your menu? Great Food Solutions, the food service arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, has the resources to back you up. Their team of chefs, product development specialists, and sales and marketing professionals can help you come up with winning menu ideas. Contact GFS through(02) 8632-2000or visitgreatfoodsolutions.comto learn more.


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