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Filipino Street Food Reimagined

This year, food businesses are expected to come up with fresh takes on casual Filipino favorites as street food takes the center stage with new twists and reinventions.


The mention of street food—like barbecue, “isaw”, “kwek-kwek” (quail eggs)—initiates a different kind of craving. But aside from their flavors and textures, these dishes represent a culture that’s unique and inventive. According to Namae Shinobu, a pioneer of French cuisine in Japan, street foods are getting a makeover as diners are finding expensive dinners tiresome and boring. This poses a challenge for chefs and other experts to showcase their creativity and originality in presenting new iterations of these local fare. This year, expect to see simple staples like hotdogs paired with different sauces or two street food items mixed together to come up with a new crowd favorite.


Inventive food presentation has become an important factor in elevating street food in restaurants. Here are a some of the ways:

•  Creative plating involves playing with colors, textures, and height. The use of various plateware and garnishes like herbs, fruits, and greens can make street food visually appealing.

•  Innovative sauces or dips enhance the flavors of casual Filipino favorites. For example, the tangy and spicy honey balsamic vinegar or Sriracha dipping sauce complements the bitter taste of isaw and the creamy, sour and spicy sisig mayo dipping sauce goes well with the saltiness of the crispy chicharon bulaklak.

 •  Mixing and matching contrasting tastes can surprisingly create palate-pleasing flavors: Sweet and sour tamarind sauce with fried balut and pancit canton with a dollop of mayo are just some of these unusual yet flavorful pairings.

 By bringing the street food experience to your restaurant, consumers are assured of quality and cleanliness—all while letting them savor flavors unique to our culture under one roof.

 In elevating street food favorites, it’s important to have a foodservice partner that can cater the needs of every business.

 Great Food Solutions (GFS), the foodservice arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, has been a trusted partner of numerous successful food businesses in the country. They present a wide range of quality products—from the country’s number one hotdog to street food favorites like isaw, chicharon bulaklak, chicken neck and tail, and brown eggs, providing diverse ingredients that a restaurant needs to create sure-fire hits.

 Street foods are at the forefront this year and food operators can take advantage of this trend. Excite diners with creative takes on casual Filipino food with the help of GFS, your perfect kitchen partner.

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