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Mixing Up Flavor and Excitement

The key in offering innovative desserts lies in creativity and imagination. Recipe books no longer dictate which flavors go together and which ones can't be combined. Here's how you can keep up with the trends and create a new buzz with exciting dessert ideas.

Sweet and Spicy

Take diners on a culinary journey by incorporating desserts with spices from around the world. Mix chocolates with chilis to come up with desserts with a kick, chai to please the tea lovers, and ginger for a little bit of heat. With the wide array of spices to choose from, it’s now easier to experiment and combine these into timeless flavors.

 Smoke Things Up

Introduce a new kind of sweet and savory combination by infusing desserts with bacon or other products with a smoked profile. Smoking tends to balance out sweetness and gives the palate an unexpected shift from savory to sweet, introducing you to a surprising dessert twist.


Let go of the conventional formats and excite your customers with deconstructed desserts. Reinvent a classic dessert by breaking down its major components then combining everything into an artfully plated dish. Pique your diners’ interest with creative dessert formats while satisfying their palate with a familiar taste.

Quality is Key

Guarantee that your dishes stay true to the taste by using quality ingredients from a trusted foodservice partner. Great Food Solutions (GFS), the foodservice arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, provides businesses with a wide range of quality dessert solutions to help you keep up with the fast-evolving dining scene. From basic flour, dairy, and other baking essentials, GFS has got you covered. GFS also offers Le Bourne chocolates, a product carefully made with selected ingredients to achieve a balance between taste and texture. Le Bourne chocolates, which comes in blocks, nuggets, and chips, have a workability that makes it the perfect partner in creating chocolate-based masterpieces.

 Dare to break free from conventional desserts and be on top with a creative mind and a trusted foodservice partner. GFS guarantees such success by providing quality ingredients and reliable service so you can consistently deliver a total dining experience. For more details, visit or call(02) 8632-2000.


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