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How to Yield Better and Cost-Efficient Results in the Kitchen

In today's industry where competition gets a little bit fiercer, restaurant decision makers and key players continue to look for ways to add more value to their food. Kitchen practices must lead to high profit margins while satisfying customers. These practices do not only lead to cost-efficient kitchens, but also support a worldwide buzz --- social responsibility through the mindful use of ingredients.

There a lot of ways to cut costs in the kitchen, but the challenge lies in choosing the one which still deliver's the customer's expectations in quality and taste. One of the solutions to this is the use of high-quality value-added products from a trusted food partner.  Great Food Solutions (GFS),  the foodservice arm of San Miguel Purefoods, offers a wide array of value added products from customized marinated pre-cut meats and poultry, burger patties and meatballs to breaded products and fully cooked viands.

Better Yields, Less Wastage

Making the key ingredients of dishes from scratch may lead to excess products. Breaded chicken, for example, are made in batches and require a lot of ingredients from the breader to the batter, which may result in extra ingredients going to waste. This practice may also result to inconsistencies in taste as one batch may be seasoned differently from the other. Using value-added products assures consistency in taste and portion, all while lessening food wastage and requiring  less time for kitchen preparations.

Flexibility while Maintaining  Creativity

Value-added products also have the flexibility that makes it easier for chefs to develop new dishes without the need to make the key ingredient from scratch. Chefs can still express their creativity by adding their own signature sauces to make the recipe uniquely theirs. With the time saved, chefs can now put more focus on their core specialty products.

Efficient Time and Inventory Management

The use of convenience products ensures efficient portion control and leads to easier and more effective inventory mananagement. This practice makes sure that a kitchen has the exact amount that it needs. Using quality value-added products also leads to efficient restaurant operations. Since these products are fully seasoned and pre-proportioned, less time is required for kitchen preparations. This also means that customers can immediately enjoy their food without having to wait for a longer period.

The Perfect Kitchen Partner

With Great Food Solutions (GFS) as your partner, restaurants may now serve their signature dishes with the same great taste every time.

Be on top of game, cook smart with the help of GFS products.

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