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Snack Time Anytime

Snacking has changed from the traditional afternoon merienda into an anytime of day source for instant gratification. This is driven by the millennials’ growing need for food that’s portable, shareable, and highly convenient. With this change in eating habits, restaurant operators and food suppliers would be wise to come up with single-serve menu offerings, otherwise known as snack-sized food.

Snacks: Bite-Sized Meals of Choice

Consumers today have an inclination towards products and services that offer quick and convenient solutions to their tasks such as faster gadgets and push button transportation services.This preference shows in their food choices as well. When time can be spent on another activity, consumers have opted to trade their sit-down, 2-course meals for more flexible and convenient options.

Research shows that while the rise of snacking has been present for several years, 2017 has seen a particularly notable growth that has driven demand for portable and on-the-go food. A likely factor driving this trend is how convenience stores, with their expansive offerings of sandwiches, instant food, and ready-to-eat-meals have been sprouting up in key locations in the metro. Looking at restaurant menus also reveal the same behavioral trend with various attempts at incorporating snacks into their daily offerings.

The Millennial Snack Culture

Since part of millennials’ multi-hyphenate lives entail juggling different projects and deadlines, they have learned to appreciate snackable offerings that they can instantly consume regardless of the time. With studies showing that millennials snack an average of 4 times a day, single-serve dishes as an alternative to daily meals become an even more promising product for food business operators.

True enough, snacks have become an indulgence that millennials believe they need and deserve. Adding this belief to their significant buying power puts an onus on food businesses to provide filling and great-tasting snacks without scrimping on quality - a challenge that can be addressed by partnering with a food supplier that can provide ingredients and products that meet quality standards.

Simplifying Snack Solutions

 Great Food Solutions (GFS), the foodservice arm of San Miguel Pure Foods, can provide food business operators with fresh takes on snacks that address the taste and aesthetic cravings of Filipino consumers. With a wide selection of products that range from hotdogs, burger patties, pizza toppings, pasta sauces, and other ready-to-eat items, convenience stores, fast food chains, and restaurants will have the agility and ability to easily create snack offerings loved by their diners.

 By having the largest selection of product offerings, GFS is able to provide ingredients that make up different parts of a menu that can be served any time of the day. 

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